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  1. Avatar of Adam Kristoffersson
    Adam Kristoffersson đã bình luận

    Dosen´t work… I can´t create a folder and then share it with others. No reply from Canva when I request help

  2. Avatar of VANESSA SUN
    VANESSA SUN đã bình luận

    Can i share as link?

  3. Avatar of Nadiya Kolesnyk
    Nadiya Kolesnyk đã bình luận

    Doesn’t work!!!!!!!! No help from Canva assistance either

  4. Avatar of Sherri's World
    Sherri's World đã bình luận

    doesn't work. i'm in canva Pro. when i click on folders, can't see all designs. When i click on all designs, can't see folders!

  5. Avatar of Raffaella Secchieri
    Raffaella Secchieri đã bình luận

    I had opened a canva account about two months ago but the drag and drop function doesn't work, I also wrote to them but no one replied. I don't know how to do it anymore, for me using canva without the drag and drop function is useless, so I just asked to close my account.

  6. Avatar of Rachel Mense
    Rachel Mense đã bình luận

    It doesnt seem to work… has anyone got it to work? When I share it the person i share it with cant see or access it?

  7. Avatar of Glasse Factory
    Glasse Factory đã bình luận

    I just tried this years later to share with our Canva Pro Team and it didn't work. They really need to fix this.

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