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  1. Avatar of SatyaPrakash Jogada
    SatyaPrakash Jogada đã bình luận

    1st view & like ??

  2. Avatar of Denise Teague
    Denise Teague đã bình luận

    Is it possible to create a menu for my smart tv in my restaurant using Canva? I was able to do this in Imenu Pro however I want to switch to Canva. In Imenu I created a menu and then the program turned it into HD for a TV menu board , i downloaded the menu saved to a thumb drive and plugged into my TV and they work great! can you link me the video for Canva if this is possible please?

  3. Avatar of yn_iawn_jezivo_momce
    yn_iawn_jezivo_momce đã bình luận

    Why did you take out the custom dimensions option from the new Canva???

  4. Avatar of Eminent
    Eminent đã bình luận

    Please is it possible to have two different dimensions in one design?

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