Win To Win Marketing
Chia sẻ kiến thức marketing và những điều thú vị trong cuộc sống ...

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  1. Brittany Conley đã bình luận

    I am so excited about this!! I already love Canva's ability to make professional-level creativity within the grasp of everyone… now I'll be able to get my products printed directly from Canva? Christmas has come early for this girl!

  2. Travisha Bailey đã bình luận

    Time is of the essence. Please get canva print up and running so I can order asap.

  3. Melbourne Spoken Word đã bình luận

    This looks great and I can't wait for it to be live – but please make it affordable. Otherwise I'm still gonna go with the cheaper bulk printers.

  4. Miri Bakciu đã bình luận

    Hi Canva i have a problem, when i download my design text gets bigger?

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